Drake Men’s Soccer

Curious about the Drake Mens’ Soccer Team Workout? Check out the video Ayana Anderson and I made on the team.https://youtu.be/SS9BoXSbS9M

“Enough is Enough” Iowans say about gun violence in America

With a little bit of sass and a lot of conviction, Drake University student Michaela Spielburger decided enough was enough. She and her friends got together the night before  March 24th to make posters protesting the gun violence happening across America. The March for Our Lives protest in Des Moines brought together people from all […]

My Friend Johnny

Sipping his masala coffee drink and smiling away, the quaint coffee shop is clearly Johnny’s natural environment. Sunlight pours in through the windows making his green eyes sparkle with anticipation. An old friend of mine, he thrives around his friends. Today, he’s going to tell me his story. Having recently transitioned to a man in […]

The Alt-Religions of the New Generation

The pursuit and practice of spirituality is changing. Christianity isn’t the only way for people to connect to a higher power anymore.   Religion has always played a key role in the power dynamics of the world. Primarily, Christianity. Rulers of great nations were advised and controlled by the Catholic church. When America was founded, […]