A Poem a Day

We jumped into 

what we knew were

deep, freezing waters 

thinking if we held hands

we wouldn’t drown. 






-suffocating, lungs full of your lies

You can 

shut the 

door on 

your ghosts 

but the 



pushes through. 

-different demons

I kick 

open doors. 

I wear 

loud shoes.

I shout

my emotions. 

My soul 

is thunder.

-I wasn’t made to be quiet. 

I am not a flower.

My delicate petals 

aren’t here to be plucked. 

I don’t have petals

I have wings made of steel.

No plucking here.

-this angel flew away

Men are deer. 

I scare them away

with my affections.

I’m a car 

with headlights 

too bright

and hopes 

too high.

They run fast 

when they see

my light. 

-back into darkness they flee

My pupils 

dilate when

I see you

because you’re 

the darkness

sucking me down

-love is a lie

I’m not a

piece of gum. 

Can’t chew me up

and spit me out

when you’re through.

-I’m stuck on your shoe

I am the storm.

Lightning rages 

beneath my fingertips.

Thunder growls in my chest.

The waves of the sea

bow and bend to my will.

The electricity pulsing 

through my veins begs 

to be let loose.

“She is clothed with strength and 

dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” says the proverbs of God.

For he knows. 

He knows the power 

a woman sure of herself 

holds within her soul.


Did you realize

you’re the 

bad guy 

in my story?

-you’re the dragon not the knight

I can’t fix 

your heart 

when mine’s 

still broken.

-2 wrongs don’t make a right/2 broken hearts don’t make a whole one. 

All poems are original ones by Emily.